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Who is Currid Group?

With 20 years of staffing and recruiting success with MATRIX Project Management Office (PMO), we found a need in the marketplace to expand our services. 

To meet the growing demand for highly skilled professionals in local sectors, Patricia Currid of MATRIX PMO formed Currid Group - a woman-owned staffing and recruitment agency. From small firms to major corporations, Currid Group puts the right professionals in place to meet your expectations of great work, and even greater results. We make it simple for you to hire the necessary talent, with verifiable years of experience and the specific skillsets you require. Our passion is to simplify the staffing process.


At Currid Group, we believe in transparency, collaboration, and accountability. Whether you need an individual subject matter expert or team of professionals, each person is hand-selected to provide the right skills and competencies for your organization.




Patricia Currid



Managing Partner

Patricia Currid is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Currid Group. Her passion, integrity and creativity have allowed her to flourish in many areas within her lengthy career in leadership. She earned her Bachelor’s of Science at University of Hartford where she graduated Magna Cum Laude while also being an active participant within The Office of Student Engagement and Inclusion, Greek Life, and student government. She holds a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and holds several Graduate Certificates in both Human Resources and Management. In addition to Currid Group, Patti is also an owner and co-collaborator of Matrix –a leader in Project Management Oversight.

At Currid Group, her focus is taking a personalized and consultative approach to staffing. She aims to treat the opportunity as a partnership and take time to understand the unique challenges, needs and strengths of your organization. Your corporate culture, core values and project vision must be paired with a talented individual who will positively contribute to your organizational success and growth. Patti has a consistent track record of ensuring these needs are met- every client, every time. She and her partner have developed a wealth of intellectual capital, a diverse and talented team, and a process that enables them to meet the unique needs of clients. These strengths enable her to deliver outstanding service and have resulted in a nationwide list of clients.

Of the many hats she has worn- philanthropist, board member, content-creator, multi-faceted presenter and teacher, her favorite BY FAR is that of “Mom” to her three amazing children. She lives in Gilmanton, NH with her family, a multitude of farm animals and their much beloved Great Danes.


​Matt Currid graduated with a BS in Industrial Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an Executive MBA at MIT Sloan School of Managment. He earned his Project Management Certification through Syracuse University. He is a certified PMI Project Management Professional, highly experienced with over 10 years of management; leading diverse teams in size from six to over 200.


He served 12 years active duty, US Naval Aviator. Twice deployed, he provided over 16 months of operational logistical support throughout the Pacific and Middle East. He has over 5,000 hours of project management work experience performed in 13 countries.


Skilled in budgetary management, he spent 22 months directly responsible for cost scheduling and expenditure reporting estimating over $15M/year.


Managing Partner

Matthew Currid