Meet Currid Group

Boutique Staffing for Today's Workforce

To meet the demand of an ever-changing job market, Matrix PMO is expanding its services by introducing Currid Group. We are a woman-owned staffing and recruitment agency headquartered in Concord, New Hampshire. Our passion is to simplify the recruitment and staffing process – catered to the specific needs of our clients, from small firms to major corporations.

“Our passion is to simplify the staffing process”

Leveraging our project management experience as a foundation, we have developed core offerings to assist our clients with achieving their objectives. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing more than just staffing services. We work with you to understand your needs; we then explore the options to bring forth the right person at the right cost. Currid Group puts our clients on the path toward achieving the results they desire from the professionals they require.

Partner With Us

Have a challenging project? Struggling with finding the right professional for your organization? Need a seasoned subject matter expert to keep your project on schedule and within budget? Contact Currid Group for an in-depth consultation.